Timothy James King M.A. Ph.D. (Cantab), MBCS, CEng

I gained my first degree in Computer Science from the Cambridge Computer Laboratory in 1976 followed by a Ph.D. in 1979 during which I wrote one of the earliest relational database systems.

I then worked as an academic at Cambridge and Bath universities, both teaching and running a number of research projects concerned with various aspects of RDBMS and operating system technology.

In 1984 I joined a small start-up called Metacomco as Director of Research and Development, taking with me the rights to a new operating system called Tripos that I had worked on. I continued the implementation of this system, and was then responsible for gaining the contract to further develop this into AmigaDOS, the underlying operating system for the Commodore Amiga home computer. As a result I have the distinction of having written software used by over 2 million users.

I started my own company Perihelion in 1986 which specialised in operating systems, where we wrote a Unix-like operating system called Helios and developed solutions for parallel processing using the transputer and embedded systems based on the ARM processor. We also worked in a number of ESPRIT and government funded projects ranging from fault tolerant systems to handheld computers with radio communication.

I left working at Perihelion full-time in 1994 although I continued to act as Chairman of the company until it ceased trading in December 1998.

In 1994 I found backing from Olivetti to start one of the UK's first full service Internet online services UK Online, which I ran successfully until we sold it in November 1996 to become part of the EasyNet group.

Since then I have been advising a number of companies on all aspects of electronic commerce and the exploitation of the Internet. Through a long-term relationship with CSC Computer Sciences I have advised many major companies on their eBusiness strategy. Much of this has involved new strategies for multiple delivery mechanisms to the internet, including mobile access via WAP and the potential of GPRS and UMTS; interactive TV options and broadband access via satellite.

I have worked for a long time with Venture Capital company Amadeus Capital Partners helping them make their investments in a range of young companies. I also currently help Amadeus provide a series of technical seminars for potential entrepeneurs.

I perform technical due diligence for many other venture capital companies. Recent customers include Advent, Bank of America Equity Partners, Deutsche Bank Venture Partners, Matrix Private Equity and Spectrum Equity Investors. I have also advised companies thinking of making internet-related investment decisions such as Italy's largest eCommerce portal Centro HL, and major European leisure company HolidayBreak.

Finally I have offered technical advice to many new startups such as the internet wizz-kids at lastminute.com, content experts APR Smartlogik and content filtering specialists Clearswift Corporation.

I have recently specialised in defending Intellectual Property rights in software-based products. More details are on the web site of my company TJJ Ltd.

I have written three books on computers, and have sat on the System Architecture Committee that advised the government-funded Science and Engineering Research Council on suitable academic research projects for support. I continue to retain close links to the academic world, having been for many years a Visiting Fellow at the University of Bath and I am currently an occasional lecturer at the Computer Laboratory, Cambridge University and at University College, London.

I am a member of the British Computer Society, a Chartered Engineer and a Chartered Scientist.